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Parenting Plans Are Key in a Minnesota Collaborative Divorce

Parenting Plans Are Key in a Minnesota Collaborative DivorceThe creation of a parenting plan may be the most important part of the collaborative divorce process. It takes time and energy, but by creating a complete plan, you will at the same time create a foundation for open communication. You’ll also learn about being flexible and working with your former spouse, which will be very useful as your children’s needs change over time.

What’s Included in a Minnesota Parenting Plan?

Minnesota law allows couples to focus on the important aspects of parenting instead of labels such as “physical custody” and “legal custody”. When Parents complete and attach a Parenting Plan to their divorce decree, they can also be sure they are referred to as “parents” by the court, rather than “custodian” or some similarly cold term.

Often with the help of the Family/Child Specialist, couples can build a thoughtful plan that may include explanations of how the parents will:

• Build a schedule for how the children’s time will be shared between parents
• Designate decision-making responsibilities regarding the children’s schools, activities, religion, health care, and more
• Handle contact with the extended family
• Handle medical decisions
• Handle any future disputes that may arise concerning the parenting arrangement

The Final Product

By going through the process of building a parenting plan, you’ll end up with a comprehensive document to act as a guide going forward. But, more importantly, you’ll have experience communicating with each other as co-parents – dealing with disagreements and coming to an understanding about how to best approach the issue. These are invaluable skills that will help you be better co-parents for years to come.

View a Sample Minnesota Parenting Plan

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