Cash Flow

Meeting Your Future Expenses

Ensuring adequate cash flow after divorce is a necessity. It is also one of the elements of divorce that causes uncertainty in the minds of the former spouses – “how will I be able to provide for myself and my kids?”

If your Minnesota divorce utilizes the collaborative process, you will have the benefit of working with a Financial Specialist who can help you get a handle on your expenses, both current and future, so that you can move forward with confidence.

Budgeting is Key

Creating a detailed budget for each home, along with understanding how to maximize after-tax income, can help families avoid unexpected complications while transitioning into two homes. Your Financial Specialist can guide you in considering the whole picture of your financial reality:

• How much house can I afford on my income? Should I buy or rent?
• Can I still afford to have my children participate in sports like hockey?
• How will future employment for either or both parents affect the cost of child care?
• How will child support and spousal support affect my situation?
• Should I change my retirement contributions?

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