Staying Out of Court

Why Staying Out of Court Is Good For Children

When parents are involved in a protracted, bitter legal battle, the stress of the situation can’t help but impact children, no matter how careful the parents may be about not fighting in front of kids. Most parents can agree, however much they disagree with each other, that keeping their children shielded from harm is the most important thing. So how can this be accomplished?

Collaborative Divorce May Hold the Key

Parents facing separation or divorce stand at the “Y” in the road: at the point they make a decision about what process to choose, they could begin to drift further and further apart. The growing distance between them represents increasing expense, and permanent damage to the parenting relationship as well as to the children.

Choosing collaborative divorce instead of litigation allows couples to build their own path forward, on a road which is wide enough for everyone in the family to travel at the same time, even if they live in two difference places. The process emphasizes a team approach, where the family has access to specialists who have no agendas other than to help everyone move forward in a healthy way.

Collaborative divorce originated in Minnesota, and over the years we have witnessed the true beneficial impact of this approach for children. Struggles with school are often less than would occur if children were exposed to the hostility of litigation. Making friends may not be as hard when the child has a small emotional burden to bear.

Your Children Are Our Priority Too

In Collaborative Divorce Minnesota, you have found a group of professionals who truly care about you, your children, and your post-divorce lives. We work with Family/Child Specialists and Coaches whose calling in life is to shepherd your family through this process. We’re here when you need us.

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