After-Tax Income

How the Tax Code Can Benefit Divorcing Couples

Surprising as it may seem, there are advantages within the tax code for to divorcing couples. With the help of a knowledgeable Financial Specialist as part of the collaborative divorce process, couples may be able to reap some financial benefits in certain situations.

For example, couples with ERISA-qualified retirement funds can withdraw funds – without penalty – to pay down debt, make a down payment on a second residence, or take other steps to improve cash flow. In addition, the tax rate on income of a higher-earning spouse can be transferred, in the form of spousal support, to the lower-earning spouse, which makes it tax deductible to the higher earner, and taxable at a lower rate to the lower-earner, resulting in greater after-tax income.

This is called “tax effecting income” and it is designed to help couples transition with greater net income into two homes.

Collaborative Divorce Minnesota Can Help

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