The Collaborative Law Process

Understanding the Collaborative Law Process in Minnesota

If you are unfamiliar with collaborative law, you’ve reached the right place to start learning about the process and the benefits it offers. As you explore, it may be helpful to visualize it as a four-step process. Though this is, admittedly, a simplified way of thinking about it, thinking this way helps many people understand the basics.

The Four Stages of the Collaborative Law Process

Initial steps: At the beginning of the process, an initial meeting takes place, which involves:

• Choosing team members, which may include a Family/Child Specialist or Coach, and a Financial Specialist, as well as Collaborative Attorneys for both partners.
• Scheduling times and places for the couple to meet with team members as appropriate
• Signing the collaborative participation agreement, which is a contract in which everyone pledges to keep the divorce out of court
• Setting joint and individual goals

Information gathering: The goal with this second phase is to help the team understand the behavioral, emotional, and financial circumstances that make your situation unique. Meetings are often conducted with the neutrals chosen by the couple, such as their Family/Child specialist or Coach, or their Financial Specialist, so those professionals can learn more about couples or children, and explain what they can do to work toward solutions for the family.

Creating options: Issues in collaborative divorce are resolved by the couple and their teams, not by a court. That means we are free to:

• Work together to create agreements on Parenting Plans, asset division, and all other divorce-related issues
• Discuss the pros and cons of each proposed solution without fear of judgment

Reaching a solution: This final phase is about finalizing what post-divorce life will look like for your and your children. Once an agreement is reached, the paperwork is filed with the court by your attorney, without the need for you to go to court yourself.

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