Keeping Kids Out of the Middle

The Importance of Letting Kids Be Kids

Keeping Kids Out of the MiddleHow many children’s lives have been filled with pain because they have found themselves serving as go-between for parents who can’t talk to each other? A greater disservice to children is hard to imagine, but it is far too common when relationships reach their end. It is unfair and unhealthy to expect children to serve as messengers in this way.

As Always, Communication Is Key

Communication is a key to life in general, and the Minnesota divorce process is no different. Parents need to work hard to develop a good communication strategy through email, phone calls, text, or other means so that the children can remain the focus of their lives without getting put “in the middle”.

In a collaborative divorce, the Family/Child Specialist is of great value in helping parents foster communication that is constructive and does not depend on children to carry messages. The truth is, you may no longer be married, but you will always be parents, and that fact will keep you connected to some degree. The collaborative process can help you understand what that means and what you can do to make your children’s lives as loving and happy as you can.

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