Getting Started

Getting Started with Collaborative Divorce

There is no one rigid model for starting a collaborative divorce, but most couples find it works best to choose their individual collaborative attorneys first, then come together for an initial joint meeting.

The First Joint Meeting is where we develop goals and objectives for the process. Also at this meeting, the Collaborative Participation Agreement is signed, and, quite often, the rest of the process is planned. Couples are referred to a Financial Specialist or Family/Child Specialist or Coach if they have not found one already, and meeting dates are established for the rest of the process at a time when everyone has their calendars handy.

Couples who would like to get started on a collaborative divorce can begin by contacting any of the professionals listed on this website. Some couples feel more comfortable starting with a Family/Child Specialist or Coach on parenting questions, or starting with a Financial Specialist on gathering financial information first.

Thinking About the Future

As you explore our website, we encourage you to think about what you want your life to look like after your marriage is over. If you choose to work with us, we’ll help you think about issues in a holistic, forward-looking way, including issues related to:

Getting in Touch

At Collaborative Divorce Minnesota, we’re here to explain any and all aspects of the collaborative process and how it might work in your situation. To speak to a lawyer, please call us at 952-405-2015, send us a message using the form on our contact page or email us directly at