Children & Divorce

Divorce and Related Issues Involving Children

Couples who have children and are thinking about divorce may not agree on much at first, but they usually agree that their children should experience as little heartache as possible. Collaborative divorce, with its use of Family/Child Specialists and Coaches, is an approach that helps minimize the negative psychological and emotional effects divorce can have on kids.

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Staying Out of Court

Pledging to resolve issues without resorting to litigation can alleviate stress and reduce the impact felt by your children.

Keeping Kids Out of the Middle

Communicating with each other is key – making children serve as messengers is not a good idea.

Allowing Kids to Love Both Parents

Encouraging fulfilling relationships between your children and your former spouse is healthy.

Parenting Plans

Couples are able to create parenting plans that meet the needs of the children while staying within the bounds of Minnesota law.

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